The expression of the <i>terroirs</i> - The Pascal & Jean-Philippe Granger Estate

The best plots in the Juliénas area.

The Estate is lucky enough to own vines on practically all the best plots of the Juliénas area.

  • in Fouillouse (granite soils crossed by a schist fault, which gives a taut, smoky side to the wines),
  • in Croix Rouge, at Les Ruet, Les Mouilles, and Les Capitans.

Less renowned but deserving of interest

  • in Chanoriers (a sandier terroir, in the bottom of the valley, which gives supple, fruity wines).
The oldest vines

(45 to 90 years old)
are located in Les Ruet, Les Capitans, and Les Mouilles.

To which must be added

  • 3 hectares of Chénas “Aux Pierres et Viallières”
  • 0.8 ha of Moulin-à-Vent “en Chassignol” (vineyards located in Chénas)
  • 1.2 hectares of Beaujolais-Villages White.
  • 0.27 ha of Saint-Amour.
Each plot has its own characteristic soil that gives the wines unique aromas
  • Juliénas is partly clayey and stony of primary origin
  • Chénas is mainly granitic
  • Moulin-à-vent is also granitic, enhanced with pyrolusite
  • Saint-Amour is planted on a bed of “blue stones”
  • The Beaujolais-Village White grows on lime and schist soils