Juliénas «Cuvée Domaine»

Juliénas Juliénas

Juliénas «Cuvée Domaine»

Origin: The plots are located on the most favourable slopes for this growth, in the villages of Juliénas and Jullié.

Grape varieties: White-juiced Gamay noir

Soil: Bed of “Blue Stone” and ancient alluviums.

Pruning: Goblet

Vinification: The wine comes from Beaujolais vinification in gridded cement vats for 8–12 days, whole bunches with temperature control. Bottled on the Estate in February / March (just 5000 bottles from the whole production).

Tasting: Garnet colour with scents of violet or cinnamon and a red fruit aroma. On the palate, a well-rounded, tasty balance.

Serving suggestion: Between 15–18°C
The Juliénas goes very well with cold delicatessen meats and white meats, or with cheese.
The wine can be drunk within the year, but it can be kept for 2–4 years, depending on the year.

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